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1 ACE Security Courses

At 1 Ace Security, our main emphasis remains on security, 1 st aid and construction related qualifications. However, as a training provider we offer range of other qualifications which are listed below;

Flexible pattern of courses

Our courses are very flexible. We know your needs, you might be working so you may not be able to attend all the units in one stretch. We offer you the option to come on days when you are free and complete the modules as per your ease. This approach helps you to suit your training needs based on your day to day commitments.

Our approach to teaching is different, we focus on the practical aspects and enhance your employability. We would go an extra mile in helping you to get a job.

Our courses in security might not be the cheapest but they are very competitive. Our door supervisor, security guard, and CCTV SIA courses are bespoke as per your needs.

We focus on security qualifications across the UK. Our main office is located in east London. 1 Ace endeavors to provide quality service to companies and individuals at affordable prices. You can also check us on SIA website in the list of approved training providers.

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Please choose your security training provider with care

SIA takes a very strict view on alleged training malpractices. Recently a lot of training providers have been shut down due to training malpractices. So if you choose a crafty training provider and that training provider gets shut down so would your training certificate and the license is revoked?

What is the best way to find a job in security

After completing your course, you will have to wait for your door supervisor, security guard, CCTV, close protection certificate from the awarding body which takes normally 5 to 7 working days. After receiving your certificate you can go to the SIA website and apply for your online application.

The best way to find a job in the security industry in any capacity i.e. door supervisor, security guarding, CCTV, close protection you should be looking for ACS (approved contractor scheme security companies).

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