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First Aid Courses

1 Day First Aid Course

The Award in Emergency First Aid at Work meets…

Price: £64.99

Duration: 1 Day (6 Hrs)

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We offer the cheapest quality training for first aid training courses across London at your or our venues. These courses are QCF qualification at level 2 and level 3.

3 Days First Aid Course

The Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (QCF) meets…

Price: £149.99

Duration: 3 Days

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We offer the cheapest quality training for first aid training courses across London at your or our venues. These courses are QCF qualification at level 2 and level 3.


The first aid qualifications are of two types accredited and non-accredited. We provide accredited and non-accredited qualifications as per your requirement.

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Average price for FAW course with St John’s Ambulance and Red Cross for the Emergency first aid at work is 162 plus VAT for the three-day First Aid at work their price is approximately £430 including VAT. Our price for 1 Day first aid is only from £64.99 and for the three days, first aid is from £149.99.

Accredited 1st aid qualifications

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he first aid qualifications allow you to be the appointed or qualified person for premises. The first aid at work qualification is very important if you want to work in the security industry. The best combination that is likely to get you a job quickly is the door supervisor plus CCTV and 1st Aid qualification.

You may require a first aid qualification as well if you are working as a self-employed. Every venue needs a first aider. However, in security the requirement is further amplified have a reading of the scenario below

Scenario why first aid training is required

You are working as an agency employee for a particular company. The company sends you on a night shift at a particular venue. You might require a valid first aid certificate as every venue as per law needs a qualified first aider. Obviously, you would not expect that at night the venue would arrange for a separate first aider to look after the people at that venue. The site on which you are working might be a corporate building office site and you probably would be the qualified first aider after office hours during your shift.

Venues for first aid training in London

Depending on corporate clients or individual clients, we can arrange to provide training at any suitable venue. Most of our courses for first aid are in London and our training hub in east London can cater for areas to include, forestgate, Romford, Stratford, Ilford, barking, Eastham, Newham, Essex and Kent.

We offer First Aid at Work (3 day course) at the Cost of £180 based in stratford forestgate East London, looking after the needs of learners from Romford, East Ham, New Ham, Barking and ilford. Our first aid course prices are the cheapest.

Besides having significance at its own first aid has a lot of importance from the point of view of employability. Employers need to provide trained first aiders at the ratio of 1:5; they are not going to employ first aiders at their own for just this job. Thus first aiders would be from the existing pool of employees who would be trained as first aiders. Imagine this situation where you go as a door supervisor and are also a trained first aider, does your chance of being employed by any security company increase, obviously yes.

You need to have a unique selling point that is that there are a lot of people with sia license for CCTV, security guard and likewise door supervisor, you need to stand out from the rest of crowd with being dynamic and having added qualifications.

Importance of first aid

Everyone at some point of their life may be faced with situation where emergency first aid may be required. This may be at work, home or street.

  • You need to ask at that point of time
  • Will I know what to do at that critical time?

Benefit of first aid course

Besides you will have more chances of employment with this added qualification if you couple it with some other specific qualification. Attending a first aid course is the first set in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills.

Who is a first aider?

First aider in general applies to someone who has attended a first aid at work course and has successfully passed the final assessment necessary to gain the first aid at work qualification. To become a first aider at the work place you need to attend and successfully complete the assessment of a health and safety approved first aid course. The first qualification is valid a period of three years. In order to remain qualified you must undergo a requalification by attending a two day refresher course before the end of the lapse of your existing qualification.

Generally people are reluctant to administer first due to the fear of legal consequences, if something goes wrong.

First aid in fact is the immediate treatment that you administer to a person before qualified help arrives

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