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SIA Security Courses

SIA Door Supervisor Course

The SIA door supervisor license covers both…

Price: £199.99

Duration: 6 Days

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The SIA door supervisor training course is six days of training. The training allows you to apply for an SIA license in order to work in the security industry as a door supervisor. The training is provided at various venues in London.

SIA Top up Door Supervisor Upskill Course

Door supervisors holding an SIA license and want…

Price: £119.99

Duration: 2 Days

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After 1st April 2021 the qualification has significantly changed, now it is a two days course. This qualification is required for those door supervisors who already have an SIA license and they wish to renew their SIA Door supervisor license.


In order to work as a CCTV operator, you need to…

Price: £199.99

Duration: 3 Days

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The SIA CCTV Training course is a three days training. The training allows you to apply for an SIA license in order to work in the security industry as a CCTV operator. The training is provided at various venues in London and Birmingham.

Close Protection Course

The close protection course linking to an SIA license…

Price: £1849.99

Duration: 18 Days

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General information about Close Protection Qualification

  • Guided learning hours 194
  • Credit value 24
  • Days: 18 days

SIA Security Guard Course

As per the private security industry act 2001…

Price: £149.99

Duration: 4 Days

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The security guard training is four days intensive training course at the end of which you shall be examined and would be required to take three exams. Generally, learners do not opt for the training and prefer the door supervisor training.

SIA Top up Security Guard Upskill Course

Security Guards holding an SIA license and want…

Price: £119.99

Duration: 1 Days

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It is supported by the SIA to meet the mandatory SIA top-up requirements for Security Guards who undertook their qualification prior to the QCF Security Guarding qualifications and who need to renew their license.

Top up / Upskill Close protection Course

This qualification is developed for all those…

Price: £449.99

Duration: 5 Days

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This qualification is developed for all those SIA Close Protection operatives who have done their qualification before 1 October 2022. Once these SIA close protection operatives have to renew their SIA close protection licence they would be required to do this SIA Top up close protection upskilling course.

1 Ace Training Ltd is a training as well as a security company. We offer excellent quality for money. As security is our main area of emphasis thus we take special measures to tailor timings so that they can match your convenience.

We provide SIA compliant security training across venues in the UK. Our prices are competitive and affordable, the benefit you would have by selecting us is that you shall get your results in the least possible time. This would allow you to apply for your SIA license without any delay.

What is the best combination of qualifications in security?

The reason why we say so is that there are so many people with SIA security license but what is your unique selling point that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Security companies need people with varying qualifications and they need you to be dynamic. For instance, if they are sending you to a venue where there is a requirement of a security guard and CCTV operator they might send 7 guards and 2 CCTV operators. If the guards they are sending also have CCTV license it makes their job easy.

You would definitely get more chances for employment at higher hourly contract rates if you are dynamic. Thus it is a good idea that you should have multiple qualifications e.g. door supervisor plus CCTV and possibly first aid.

Training & Qualifications – Who Does What? (Benchmarking SIA Website)

Several different types of organization are involved in the creation and delivery of SIA-endorsed qualifications.

The SIA (Security Industry Authority)

Sets competency standards and specifies qualifications for licensing. Part of SIA responsibility for front line applicants is to define the skills and knowledge appropriate for an individual to start work. The SIA owns these core competency specifications and retains responsibility for their future development.

  • Endorses awarding organizations who wish to offer its qualifications, in conjunction with the qualification regulation authorities
  • Issues licenses based on competence, probity, and identification
  • Is responsible for the overall quality assurance of the licensing process
  • Consults regularly with stakeholders to ensure that standards and qualifications meet the needs of the industry and continue to raise standards of competence and professionalism

The Qualification Regulation Authorities

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (OFQUAL) operate in England, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) operates in Scotland and the Department for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (DELLS) operates in Wales. These bodies:

  • Set standards for qualifications
  • Accredit qualifications and place them within the National Qualifications Framework
  • Awarding Organisations
  • Develop qualifications and operate the examination system against the SIA specifications
  • Achieve QCA/SQA/DELLS accreditation and SIA endorsement
  • Approve training and assessment centers
  • Register candidates and provide evidence of their identity
  • Award the qualification and input data into the SIA qualifications database
  • Accredit prior learning and previous qualifications
  • Provide quality assurance of the assessment and qualification process

Only government-approved awarding organizations or chartered higher education institutions are able to apply to be endorsed to offer licence-linked qualifications.

SIA Badge

Sia badge is the license that you get once you have completed the mandatory training for a particular type of license. There are certain licensable activities for which you require to hold a license from SIA. That SIA badge will be granted to you once you complete the requisite SIA training and apply for it. The licenses granted by SIA are for door supervisor, security guard, CCTV, close protection, key holding, cash valuables in transit. The normal training time for SIA badge is 3 to four days depending upon the licensable activity you choose to work in.

Get SIA License

In order for you to qualify for an SIA license, you need to complete training in any of the fields of your interest. The licensable activities are door supervisor, security guard, CCTV and close protection. On completing the SIA course, the training provider will forward your exam papers to the awarding body. If you qualify then the awarding body shall send your certificate.

How long it takes for SIA license

After you have done your training for door supervisor, security guard, CCTV operator, close protection (bodyguard). Your exam answer sheets would be sent to the awarding body. The Awarding body will mark your answer sheets. If you pass they will notify us, we will inform you about the result. Your certificate would arrive in 7 working days. Once your certificate is available you can apply for your license with SIA. The SIA would usually take 25 working days to process your application.

What should I look in a course provider?

In London, you shall find a lot of course providers offering security compliant training in various security qualifications e.g. door supervision, security guarding and likewise CCTV etc. The question is who you should choose. The best way to choose a training provider would be to look for his online reviews.

Entrance requirement for Security Courses

There are no formal entry requirements if you wish to do the security courses. You should have a basic level of understanding and be speaking English. Even if you are weak you can discuss with us and we can assess your suitability and we can work out a solution for you.

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