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1 Ace Training Careers and Security Vacancies

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    Door Supervisor Course

    The Door Supervisor course is for six days. A basic course required to obtain an SIA license.

    SIA CCTV Course

    The CCTV course is for three days. This course is required to obtain an SIA CCTV license.

    Close Protection Course

    The SIA close protection training is for 13 days. Would allow you to apply for your CP license.

    SIA Security Guard Course

    The Security Guard course is 4 days, mostly people opt for Door Supervisor rather than security Guarding License

    CSCS Green Card Course

    Course required to apply for your CSCS green card

    Traffic Marshal

    Half day course

    Fire Marshal Course

    Half Days Course Can be done with CSCS course

    First Aid Courses

    EFAW (1 Day First Aid Course) FAW (3 Days First Aid Course)

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