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1. An organisation introduces a violence at work policy. Why is this important?
2. How can empathy help security operatives resolve any conflict?
3. The most common response to a threatening situation is often referred to as the
4. Which of these is a stage in the escalation of a conflict situation?
5. A person is rudely refused entry to a premises and becomes very angry.
Which of these factors is the most likely trigger for the angry response?
6. Which of these is a situation that is most likely to lead to conflict?
7. How should security operatives deal with barriers to communication in a noisy environment where there appears to be conflict?
8. How can positive communication be used by security operatives to help deal with any conflict situation?
9. Two customers are involved in a dispute about the use of facilities.
What strategy should a security operative use to deal with this situation?
10. A customer is angry because they feel that they have been misunderstood.
How should a security operative defuse this conflict situation?
11. Why is it important to use positive communication to avoid conflict?
12. A customer is upset due to being denied access to a premises by a security operative.
Which of these is a positive response to this situation from the security operative?
13. Which of the following factors is most likely to result in someone becoming aggressive when the fire alarm sounds, and they are being asked to leave the building?
14. Which of these is a win-win approach to resolving conflict?
15. Assertive behaviour can best be described as being
16. When dealing with a conflict situation, which of these is a reason for conducting a
dynamic risk assessment?
17. A security operative is in a conflict situation where they are being confronted by an aggressive member of the public.
In this situation, why is it important to maintain personal space?
18. Which of the following situation will most likely lead to conflict?
19. Which of these is a factor that is likely to inhibit an angry response from a person?
20. Why is it important to show a positive attitude when responding to a conflict situation?
21. The main action for security operatives when dealing with any conflict is to
22. To produce a win-win approach to resolve any conflict situation there must be
23. The stages of escalation in conflict situations always include


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