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1. How should CCTV operators deal with multiple incidents?
2. How should a CCTV operator assist the Border Agency?
3. Which of these is a component of a surveillance system?
4. Which of these is an impact of following CCTV operational procedures?
5. A CCTV operator employed by a local authority receives a number of requests.
Which of these would be dealt with under freedom of information legislation?
6. Under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations, CCTV operators must have
7. How does Article 14 of the Human Rights Act impact on the use of CCTV?
8. How can CCTV operatives ensure that they work effectively with other agencies?
9. What is a key responsibility of the CCTV control room manager?
10. What is the importance of keeping rough notes?
11. What is the purpose of the Information Commissioner’s Data Protection Code of
Practice within the CCTV industry?
12. When using CCTV, how does “AFR” operate?
13. CCTV should be used to prevent and reduce crime and for
14. How does human rights legislation impact on a CCTV operator’s duties?
15. The police have contacted a CCTV control room and asked for a known suspect to be
tracked through the system.
Which of these roles is responsible for doing this?
16. A CCTV operator is asked to target an individual and consults the operational
What is the purpose of them doing this?
17. A CCTV operator has monitored a violent crime and tells their manager that they are
Which of these indicators supports this?
18. Several operators in a CCTV control room appear to be suffering the effects of stress.
Which of these would help them reduce these effects?
19. There is a major incident in the area.
How should the CCTV operator assist the emergency services?
20. Under the Protection of Freedoms Act, which of these requires authorisation?
21. How should CCTV operators deal with feeling stressed after viewing and dealing with an emotional situation?
22. What impact does the Code of Practice have on using CCTV?
23. Which of these is a non-crime incident?
24. A CCTV operator has targeted a vehicle used in crime.
Which of these methods will confirm the operator has the correct vehicle?
25. A CCTV operator provided information regarding an incident to a newspaper.
Which data protection principle has been breached?
26. A CCTV operator performing a routine camera patrol notices that a building appears
to be insecure.
Which of these actions should the CCTV operator take?
27. What impact does the Data Protection Act have on CCTV operators?
28. Under Display Screen Equipment Regulations, what must employers conduct for
CCTV operators?
29. What is the main purpose of a CCTV system?
30. Why is it important for a CCTV control room to have dedicated links with third
31. What is a consequence of a CCTV operator breaching confidentiality?


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