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1. In which situation should a security officer carry out a search on a contractor?
2. How does a physical protection system assist a security officer?
3. A security officer is carrying out a one-off patrol.
What is the importance of this type of patrol?
4. During a patrol, a security officer discovers a fire exit blocked by a contractor’s vehicle.
What action should the security officer take?
5. A security officer has noticed a staff member holding a door open for unauthorised personnel.
What is this an example of?
6. A security officer is carrying out a bag search of a person on a site.
What is a potential hazard in this situation?
7. Which of these may indicate drug dealing?
8. What precautions should security operatives take when carrying out a search?
9. When searching an individual a security officer finds what appears to be an illegal
What action is appropriate in this situation?
10. What precaution should a security officer take to protect themselves from false
allegations when searching an individual?
11. What type of harm can physical restraint on the ground cause?
12. Check calls are important for security operatives because they:
13. It is important the security operative records and preserves crime scenes to:
14. What action should a security officer take in the event of a fire alarm?
15. Why is access and egress control important?
16. If a venue’s policy is to carry out a search prior to entering, the security officer must have:
17. A security officer is patrolling a site.
What is it important to do?
18. What should security operatives do if people refuse to be searched prior to entering a venue?
19. Which of these is a way of defusing a conflict situation when dealing with an angry customer?
20. A security officer is carrying out a site perimeter patrol when an alarm sounds inside
the building.
What action must the security officer take?
21. Security officers in a building site are likely to be provided with which of the following PPE?
22. Which of these is a responsibility of an employee for personal safety at work?
23. Which of these is a function of a CCTV monitoring system?
24. What is the safety advantage of being mentally alert at work for security officers?
25. How should a security officer reduce the risks of personal attack when working alone?
26. A piece of equipment has gone missing and security officers have been directed to
search staff leaving the site for the item.
What type of search is this?
27. Which of the following situations is likely to compromise the personal safety of security officers?
28. What can be a purpose for Security Officers patrolling the premises?
29. What type of system would be used to detect a fire in a building?
30. Which of these is a duty of a security officer?
31. A fire inspector wishes to visit a site.
What are they not required to do in this situation.
32. People are queuing as there is a long delay. Why is it important for security officers to maintain good communication with them?
33. Why are check calls important?
34. Why do security officers carry out patrols?
35. The alarm system on a site is several years old.
Which of these is a potential threat to the system’s performance?
36. When a colleague’s personal alarm has sounded what should the security officer do first?
37. Which of these is a purpose of a control room?
38. When completing search documentation, which of these should a security officer
request from the person being searched?
39. Which of these is a typical access control duty of a security officer?


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